Look Mom, no Photoshop

As a front end developer at Clockwork I spend a lot of time styling elements in the browser. I wanted to bring these skills into our monthly wallpaper art (typically done in Photoshop). So using only HTML, CSS and a bit of JS for fun, I created a “monster in the closet” theme.*

With my nine-year-old son acting as creative director, we experimented with transforms, border radiuses and box-shadows to create a photoshop-worthy design. Combining the technology and the artistry was awesome, and seeing my son’s creativity in action (and realizing he’s a tough director!) was priceless. While the animation won’t work as a wallpaper, we tried to make the lil’ guy as cute as possible to win your love and adoration for the month of October.

If you’re interested, you can riff on our experiement here: http://codepen.io/jdstand/pen/qcupe.


* This works in Safari and Chrome only. 



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