Although the Mother Nature continues to think otherwise, Spring is here, and we assume Summer shall quickly follow (fingers crossed). Why not fantasize of a warm summer evening sunset over the lake while we impatiently endure the wet and unpredictable days still yet to come. 

This month’s wallpaper theme was inspired by Post-its®, pixels, and a warm color palette. Creating a pixelated sunset on the computer just didn’t do it for me, so I used this month’s Lab Day* as an opportunity to create an actual Post-it® ‘wallpaper.’ I, with the help of fellow Clockworker Whitney Shaw, spent the majority of the day, posting, taping, and constructing a sunset of roughly 1,800 Post-its® in over 14 hues. 

Happy May, summer is coming! Or else.

Lab Day is a monthly event during which Clockworkers can work on any project of their choosing, either solo or on a team. It’s a day of creativity, experimentation, education, and fun. Some pretty cool things come out of it, like Tweetwally.

Photo credit: Andrew Stafford

Download Post-it® Sunset