February can be a dreary month featuring gray days and chilly nights. And Galentine’s Day

Why wait for Valentine’s day when you can spend February 13th with your ladies! Forget about your boyfriends, partners, husbands, children, pets and give yourself a break from your everyday to-dos. Kick it breakfast (or dinner) style with your friends and hopefully end up with some much-needed rejuvenation. Or, at the minimum, some good laughs.

Sorry boys, this is a girls-only day. 

Top gifts for an amazing Galentine’s Day party:

  • Hand-crocheted flower pens for everyone.
  • A mosaic of your friends’ faces from smashed bottles of their favorite diet soda. 
  • A 5,000-word essay on why your lady friends are awesome.

Easy, right?! Happy Galentine’s Day!

Download “Galentine’s Day”

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