My Bike

I got my bike about 4 years ago on Craigslist. I’ve put some work into it since then, like color coordinating it, but it’s still pretty basic. When I got it, all branding was stripped so I have no idea what kind it is. Many people have tried to sleuth it out: the “World” seal on the front is the only distinguishing mark which leads most people to think she’s a Schwinn, however no one will put money on it. Also, I’ve also heard from many riders that panniers change your life, so I splurged on a set for my birthday a few weeks ago.

My commute

My commute from Uptown is about 6 miles. 80% of it is on the Greenway, 15% is marked bike lanes, and the last 5%, and thankfully the shortest, is on unmarked lanes. It’s pretty much perfect. On the way home, it’s a faster commute than by car.

Why I ride

I ride for many reasons. The most obvious one is exercise, but it’s also a great transitional time of my day. On the way to work the ride gets me pumped up and leaves me with an accomplished feeling to start my day; on the way home it allows me to decompress so I don’t take work straight home with me. I also just like being an active part of the city life, as you ride along you end up seeing, hearing and smelling so much more than from a car. It’s really pretty great.

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All photos courtesy of Sharyn Morrow.