If you had an hour to spare, what would you do with it? Would you want to laugh at Shat? Get carried away in a hot air balloon? Catch a cabaret? Watch someone get down? Or perhaps take in some taiko drumming? If so, then August 2-12 is the perfect time to have some extra hours.

Every year in early August, Minneapolis takes pride in hosting the Fringe Festival, 11 days filled to the brim with one-hour performances. They’re quick; they’re fun; and there’s always something that you’ve never seen, and probably never will again. To all those wonderful, rare spectacles, we dedicate this month’s wallpaper.

It takes hundreds of writers, directors, actors, performers, and volunteers to make this treasured Minneapolis event happen (some of whom are Clockworkers!). This year is the 19th year of celebrating five areas of theatrical expertise–comedy, drama, music, dancing, and “different.” That’s many years of entertaining and intriguing audiences. As an added bonus to the festivities, the recently retired Wobbles decided to make a cameo!

Enjoy the month and, hopefully, several of the events! Like this one, featuring a short play written by Jerry.

UPDATE: You may notice that the Facebook cover graphic looks a little squarish, unlike the Facebook covers you’re used to seeing. These dimensions take advantage of a little Facebook hack we blogged about a few weeks ago. So, you see Fringe logo at the bottom in the desktop timeline view, and on your mobile you see the little dude peeking out.

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