My Bike

Depending on the day and the trip, I might ride my Frankenbike – an 80s-vintage Trek road frame rebuilt as a commuter with random parts we had laying around the garage; or my Ridley road bike, which comes out for my infrequent Capital-R Rides. But the bike I enjoy riding most is my Barbie Dream Bike: a pink Surly 1×1. It’s a comfortable, quick and nimble cruiser that reminds me why biking is fun. It just feels great to ride. 

My Commute

My commute is just shy of seven miles each way. I’m fortunate to live only a few blocks from the Minneapolis Greenway so about 4 miles of that ride is on dedicated bike paths.

Why I ride

I’m actually a bit of a reluctant bike commuter – I don’t wake up feeling compelled to get on my bike. But I never, never regret it. Driving makes me crabby (I have close to zero tolerance for sitting in traffic…) and I always feel great when I arrive somewhere on my bike. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and of having done something good for my health and the environment. Plus my two kids love to ride, so they often lead the way. 

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All photos courtesy of Sharyn Morrow.