Tell us about your bike.

I ride a Surly Long Haul Trucker with panniers big enough to fit my laptop bag so I can just grab the whole thing and go. I got it at Freewheel last fall, and while I still ride my Trek 2.1, I spend about 80 percent of my time riding the Surly.

Tell us about your commute.

It’s about perfect, I’d say. I live about 8 miles from the office, so the ride is anywhere from that to around 10 miles, depending upon whether I take the scenic route or run errands on the way. The main artery I’m on is County Road C, which I take to the Diagonal Trail, and then down Stinson to the office.

Why do you ride?

For the exercise mostly, but it’s also just great fun.

I was kind of worried about going whole hog into the cycling thing. I saw my crazy cyclist friends do stuff I thought was ridiculous, like ride a hundred miles in day. Or even crazier if you’re my buddy Bryce Walsh, who has done stuff like the Race Across America and the Tour D-Afrique. It seemed like there was just so much to learn and so much hassle involved in dealing with it all, and I hadn’t really done any cycling since college.

But–it turns out–it’s just like riding a bike! 

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Photo credit: Sharyn Morrow