The first 2012 biker profile features Chuck Hermes, sporting his Team Clockwork biking jersey and awesome new bike.

Tell us about your bike.

I’m a road bike guy who loves endurance rides. Recently I upgraded from a Carbon/Aluminum frame Giant to a full carbon Ridley. I love it not only because it’s an amazing machine but because it looks really really cool! 

Tell us about your commute.

I live in Stillwater, which makes a full commute quite a commitment which I usually do on Fridays. The other days of the week I drop off my 4 year old at her preschool and ride from there (about 15 miles each way). The route is a combination of the spectacular Gateway Trail, Wheelock Parkway, and Como Avenue with fun detours around Como Zoo and the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. Aside from the great ride, I’ve met some very interesting people on this commute. There are more long distance bike commuters than you would expect.

Why do you ride?

I ride for the pure joy of it. An hour or two of solitude does wonders for my overall wellbeing. And some of my best ideas come during these rides. The results speak for themselves: I’m reducing my carbon footprint, I’m in great physical shape, and I hear and see all sorts of things that are missed when driving in a car. And riding means that I’m completely disconnected from my computer, my phone, and all other devices. In the end, I believe that my riding helps me to be more productive at work, a better dad and husband at home, and I also feel proud of myself for doing it. 

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Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow