This month’s wallpaper is an homage to and call for rain. With barely any winter, and then summer arriving in March, we need it! Meteorologist Paul Huttner says, “Average rainfall won’t do this year. A good 4″ to 8″ of spring rains is what we need…”

Have you ever look at a photo of rain on a window and noticed that the world is reflected upside-down in every droplet? I’ve always found this fascinating. I wanted to highlight that topsy-turvy feeling in my wallpaper design.*

When the picture I chose turned out a little too gray and dreary, Ben Schuster suggested adding some color. A rainbow was the natural addition. I used this hilariously named tutorial called “How to Make Your Photos Look Hipster” to download high-resolution “light leaks” that created the magical rainbow.

The result is my April Showers wallpaper that reflects the springtime mood of vibrancy and rejuvenation.

* Thanks to Sharyn Morrow for the picture!

Download “April Showers”


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