Clockwork represented in designer-ly fashion at AdFed’s “The Show” on Friday.  I was joined by Micah and Ben from our illustrious and talented design team.  It was an inspiring event and showcased some really, really impressive work.  As I strolled through the award winners, I was struck by the quality of work from top to bottom.  It made me proud to be a part of the Twin Cities design community.

Bringing Home Some Hardware

We were happy to accept an award for our Clockwork Notebook iPad app, which you can download for free from the iTunes store.  It is great to see digital categories starting to get more visibility in competitions like this, and we were in really good company.  In the coming years, I’m excited to see how digital initiatives continue to influence and shape events like this.  For instance, wouldn’t it be great if party goers could actually try out the iPad app or browse one of the sites that won?  It would be a great way to really understand the full “experience”, which sometimes can far exceed the simple design aesthetic printed on a piece of paper.

Thanks to AdFed for a great party and for recognizing our Notebook app!