Last year for Halloween we dressed up as Foursquare badges. This year we created a spreadsheet and Clockworkers signed up to be their favorite internet memes. Check out the results:

Ben R: Cigar Guy

Carie: Afro Ninja

Drew: Old Gregg

Eric: Hand Dance Guy

Eryn: Boxxy

Hank: Construction Worker

Jason: Dick in a Box

Jerry: Himself

Kristi & Kjrsten: Pattycake Kitties

Luke: Evolution of Dance Guy

Lyz: Rebecca Black

Matt: I Like Turtle Zombie

Meghan & Micah: Sneezing Baby Panda

Rett: Susan Boyle

Ruth: Shufflebot

Schu: Epic Mealtime Guy

Standish: Keith Stone

Talia & Julie: Superbass Girls

Whitney: Preggo Arlene