For this week’s biker profile we have Kjrsten and her 1992 Bridgestone RB-1.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Tell us about your bike.

This is a 1992 Bridgestone RB-1 (RB stands for Road Bike). When I was starting to think about doing the MS150 in 2010, I decided it was time to get a real road bike (with drop-bars and everything). Up until then I had been riding some pretty heavy “hybrid” bikes, nothing special. I was interested in a Giant, but when they didn’t have my size, I took a look at the used rack at the Hub. My husband David spotted this pretty lugged steel frame right away, and it was a perfect size for me! David completely overhauled it for me, and I bought a Brooks saddle for it. It was great to ride on the 150! Really comfortable, but feels fast, too. An interesting thing about Bridgestone bikes from that time is that they were designed by Grant Petersen (of later Rivendell fame).

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Tell us about your commute.

Haha, my commute to Clockwork is about 4 blocks, so I walk it almost every day. The bike comes out for bike lunches though!

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Why do you ride?

I’m pretty serious about reducing my carbon footprint, so I try to find alternatives to using the car every time I need to go out. I also have a Nice Ride subscription for short trips (there’s a station right by Surdyk’s!) and that’s great because I don’t have to carry a lock or worry about my sweet bike getting stolen.

About Kjrsten
Kjrsten is a Front End Developer at Clockwork. She likes using Flash, Flex and good old HTML+CSS+JS to produce applications that are pleasing to the user and pleasing to the developer who works on them next.
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