For this week’s biker profile we have Selah and his 2007 Bianchi Cross Concept.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Tell us about your bike.

I ride a 2007 Bianchi Cross Concept cyclo-cross bike. Its frame is made of a scandium-aluminum alloy that’s descendent of the very technology the Soviets used on their MiG fighters. I wanted a cyclo-cross bike for a speedy ride with a bit of added durability and maneuverability for treacherous urban terrain. I also love the bike’s nowhere-near-fashionable colors that make it look like it was painted sometime in the late ’70s.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Tell us about your commute.

I bike straight north and south from friendly Fridley to CW headquarters, covering just shy of nine miles of mostly residential roads. It’s a nice, quiet, moderately hilly ride, during which I’ve solved many a programming problem.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Why do you ride?

It started by necessity. My ’89 Ford Tempo’s clutch went, and I couldn’t afford to fix it, so I covered the two mile route to work on some cheapy Specialized mountain bike. I got a new job with an eight mile commute, and after several months of riding that by mountain bike, I was compelled to upgrade to a second-hand Schwinn Le Tour road bike. By the time I could afford a car, I was already hooked on bike commuting. In fact, I’ve biked to my last two successful job interviews, changing in a Super America bathroom for the first one, and behind a dumpster before meeting the good folks at Clockwork.

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