Crunching leaves, changing colors, brisk weather, and hand-knit sweaters. This month’s wallpaper is a serene setting in full autumnal glory. Ahhh, so pretty. Ten separate images taken around NE Minneapolis were stitched together to creaate this dual monitor wallpaper. See if you can spot all 10!

But then there’s the spookier side of October, when monsters and madness take over. Or in this case, robots and lasers. Remember kids, always sleep with one eye open.

Are you good or evil? Let the wallpaper say it all.

Download “Fall is my favorite – good and evil.

Desktop Version

Tablet Version

Mobile Version

About Ben
Ben is an Interactive Designer and Animator at Clockwork. Introduced to computers at a young age, he boosted his love-to-learn mentality and converted his A.D.D. into a super mega-focused ambition to create.
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