For this week’s biker profile we have Chuck and his Giant.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Tell us about your bike.

My main bike is a 2009 Giant Defy Alliance road bike. The frame is a carbon and aluminum composite so it’s lightweight and stiff at the same time (I’m sure there is a joke in there somewhere). The stock setup is slightly too big for me so I’ve replaced the stem for a better fit. In retrospect, I should have bought a smaller frame, but the sleazy sales guy at the now defunct Bike Masters in St. Louis Park gave me a sweet (and illegal) cash discount days before the shop went out of business. I have a couple of other bikes that I cannot part with too. The oldest is a purple 1990 Bianchi Peregrine mountain bike, which was my primary urban commuter for almost a decade. It now has a Cooper bucket on the back to hold my awesome 3 year old daughter, Maeve. My other bike is a Specialized Sirrus that I am rebuilding into a stripped down 5 speed errand runner, complete with rack and mount for a tag-a-long bike that my other awesome daughter, Frances likes to ride. My awesome oldest daughter, Lindee, prefers to race around on her own wheels. I’m thinking about getting her a little road bike next summer. Oh, and I also bought my foxy wife, Jamie, a really nice Specialized hybrid last summer. Someday when we can find a babysitter we’re going to go on a real ride together. Does anybody know any babysitters?

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Tell us about your commute.

I live in Stillwater. I work in Minneapolis. It’s a long ride. I love it. Recently my foxy wife asked if I would like to consider moving closer to the Clockwork office, and to be quite honest, the commute is probably the main reason I wouldn’t want to move. The Gateway Trail is magnificent and the rest of my route through St. Paul along Wheelock Parkway through Como Zoo and the State Fair Grounds is always great fun.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Why do you ride?

They’ve been putting pictures of bikes on my birthday cakes since I was a little kid. Somehow I think a bicycle chain link slipped into my DNA. Its all part of this drug-like mix of experiences that I’ve been drawn to; visual arts, music, cycling… there is beauty and expression and freedom and movement in all of these things. Thats why I ride. Let me know if you want to tag along sometime.