For this week’s biker profile we have Micah and his Peugeot.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Tell us about your bike.

My bike was kindly donated by the gracious Rett Martin Bikes-For-Everyone Foundation. An authentic French work of art, this blue Peugeot was ready for some TLC. The bike had been stripped of it’s derailleur and converted to a single speed with a new crankset. Once in my possession, improvements on this bike were nothing short of a labor of love. After a few struggles and learning experiences (I’m a bike novice), I’ve upgraded it with beefy new tires, a sexy new rear rim with a single-speed-friendly axel, a yellow chain, yellow seat, and yellow bar tape (cause, you know, I’m a designer so it’s gotta look nice). I ride with only a front break and it is near-silent while coasting (great for sneaking up on people).

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Tell us about your commute.

I have been forced to adapt my commute a few times already this summer. I live in uptown, and for the first month of the summer enjoyed a beautiful and easy ride down the greenway, alongside the LRT and then up through the west bank to clockwork (you know, pretty much over the river and through the woods). But then the dreaded Minnesota construction season started. All hell broke loose! The greenway got detoured for bridge repairs, the west bank was destroyed in preparation for the Central Corridor, and the number of student housing projects going up around the University became a ridiculous hassle. My latest route has me taking the Cedar Lake Trail in under downtown, but even that route is a work in progress, as it spits me unknowingly out onto Hennepin in the middle of morning rush hour (not fun). But I’m a city biker at heart, and on other commutes I do love battling traffic – just not before I’ve had my morning coffee.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow

Why do you ride?

Riding a bike is so much fun. Somewhere between being a kid and getting my drivers license I must have totally forgotten that. It’s been great for exercise, great for transportation, and great for the saving money/the environment (my car is not exactly fuel-efficient). It’s also a great social activity, and I’ve found myself looking fondly at other bikes on the road and offering their owners the opportunity to brag about their sweet ride. Plus then I can tell them about my setup; and really, who doesn’t like to brag? It also seems to satisfy the tinkerer/gadget lover in me: I’ve got a shopping list full of add-ons and upgrades just waiting to be purchased… can you say light-features for my rims?

About Micah
Micah Spieler is a designer at Clockwork. Micah’s creative career started with finger painting as an infant. Once the internet came along he knew he had to find a way to finger paint the web.
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