For this week’s biker profile we have Tim and his Redline 925.

Tell us about your bike.

I ride a 2007 Redline 925 that I’ve tried to make as convenient as possible. The less hassles required to get me from point to point the more I enjoy riding. The chain guard and platform pedals let me ride in anything. The reelights mean I avoid being suicidal when I forget my main lights.

So far, the most trouble I’ve had has been hungry squirrels and squatting spiders. The squirrels ate large portions of my bike seat (repaired with silicon caulk!). I become a very erratic cyclist when I have to share my bike with spiders.

Also, potholes. Ouch.

Tell us about your commute.

I have a short (2 mile) commute on Hennepin and Central. With only two left turns, I don’t have to fight traffic too much. The Minneapolis bus drivers have been more polite than some of the bus drivers from the suburbs.

Why do you ride?

It’s one of the few forms of exercise I enjoy. Weather is less intimidating and miserable if you face it. Dwayne Johnson would want me to Bring It!

About Tim
Tim is a System Administrator. He has a passion for wikis. He loves plain text and editing other people’s email in his responses. As the first Tim to join the team, he’s affectionately known as “Tim.”
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