For this week’s biker profile we have Drew and his Schwinn Continental.

Tell us about your bike.

The ol Continental is an heirloom inherited in the fall of ’07 but born to the Covi lineage in 1975. Discovered in the attic of the garage, the melted bike tires had to be peeled from the floor. But even after 35 years, she still holds true to her original stature, with only a few small upgrades: breakpads and tires since rubber doesnt age well, and a new seat for her most recent 150 mile voyage. Everything else remains, with friction stem mounted shifters, speckled chrome begging for a good polish, chain, pedals and a kickstand that’s welded on for life. To make sure I’m not left high and dry on the potential flats I carry around a small 5/8 and 9/16 wrench because nothing on this steel beast is a quick release.

Tell us about your commute.

My ride is typically about a quick 20-30 minute ride from Loring Park, through downtown, across the bridge and right through campus to arrive at the doorstep of Clockwork. The more exicing parts of the ride include downtown where you need to hit a series of lights to not get hung up on every corner, and of course blasting across the Stone Arch Bridge.  Even on the hottest days, you get a pretty nice misting on your way across.  From there it’s a trip back through college, and past old hangouts until I cross the road just south of the headquarters.

Why do you ride?

Biking in the morning commute is by-and-large the best way to wake up in the morning.  It beats a cup of coffee, and typically leads me to a glass of water as my morning beverage-of-choice (although the incredible Clockwork joe may still follow on occasion). Other than that, its a solid quick morning/evening workout and a splendid reason to enjoy a pint of Summit after a long days work.

About Drew
Drew is an Interactive Developer at Clockwork. He’s crazy about design, but crazier about making things work. From scripting, to layout, and tending every little pixel until it hums, he’ll make you a believer.
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