Back in March, we hosted a Clockworkshop on how to design applications for the iPhone and iPad. Targeted at designers, we began with an introduction to iOS design and and then broke out into groups to create artwork for one of our simple iPhone apps called Slydology.

Attendees used colored pencils and paper to create all sorts of creatures. Everything from carrot-man and PB&J-guy to a two-headed Nancy/Meghan and even a cameo by Justin Bieber. These drawings — and more — are now in the application which can be downloaded from the iTunes store here.

Special thanks to the following individuals whose artwork appears in the most recent update:

  • Leah Janz 
  • Michael Hutson 
  • Kelly Grahn 
  • Anders Holine
  • Nick Zdon
  • Dan Wieken
  • Alex Barrett
  • Shaymein Ewer
  • Emily Bretzel
  • Molly Busch
  • David Crow

Sorry it took us so long to get this release out to the App store!