For this week’s biker profile we have Rett and his Maruishi Roadace.

Tell us about your bike.

It’s an old Maruishi Roadace (likely from the 80’s) that I picked up at Express Bike Shop in St Paul about 7 years ago. It came in pretty good shape, and I was just getting used to reaching down and fiddling with the levers to shift gears when one of the levers fell off. After searching around for a replacement part with no luck I decided to just convert it to a singlespeed and I’ve never turned back. Most of the components now have been replaced with the exception of the crankset. Oh, and I’ve kept the one brake lever which I love because you can grab it no matter where you’re holding the handlebars.

Tell us about your commute.

I live about a mile and a half from Clockwork, so it’s a pretty quick ride. And when we were choosing a daycare for our daughter (who’s 2 now) we found one that’s on the way to work. So since last summer and through the winter, I’ve been dropping her off in the mornings with the Burley. The older she gets, the more she loves it and actually gets excited about getting in “her bike” and wearing “her helmet” every morning.

Why do you ride?

I ride because it makes me feel good. And as a family we’ve made choices around biking, like living close to work, and going down to one vehicle. I hope that by making it a part of my daughter’s life at this age that she’ll grow up with the same love for bikes.

About Rett
Rett Martin is the Director of Creative at Clockwork. A self-taught web designer with a degree in Graphic Design, he loves everything from ideation and concepting to the occasional day of cranking out HTML and CSS.
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