The project started with some inspiration:

And a treadmill.   Getting the treadmill for free helped control costs.

Once the treadmill was fetched, the walkstation became a Lab Day project.  Lab Day is that special day of the month where people work on anything that strikes their fancy.

An important factor is that treadmills have very different-shaped arms and consoles.  The video above has a nice general solution for hooking brackets to flat treadmill arms.   But our treadmill has arms with a gentle slope, like the rolling hills of Spain near Asturias.

Upon inspection of the treadmill, we realized we could make a custom fitted desk attachment that would be super-sweet and super-simple and super-cheap.  Each of these things is as important as the others.

The treadmill has a strong front handlebar, which was key.

We purchased three 1″x12″ straight brackets (sometimes called mending braces) from a local store. These sit on top of the handlebar.   Two pieces of wood are screwed to one end of the brackets.   These fit snugly against the backside of the treadmill’s instrument panel.

That’s the basic design.   

Then we all walked it out.  The employees from the west side of the building walked it out.  Then the ones from the south side of the building walked it out.  Then those from the east side walked it out.  Finally the interns walked it out.

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