On Saturday, April 2 Clockwork will be hosting a kid-friendly ARTCRANK pre-party from 3-5pm, followed by a leisurely 1-mile group ride over to Shelter Studios for the ARTCRANK opening.

Festivities will include: 

  • Sidewalk Games: Four square (you know, the kind with a real ball) and hop-scotch. (Weather permitting).
  • Face Painting: Every kid likes a little face paint!
  • Bike Safety Sessions: Learn how to properly wear and adjust your bike helmet, perform a 3-point bike safety check, and other bike safety topics
  • Cone Course: A timed cone course for kids to race through. Course to consist of left-right cones, a full stop area, demonstration of hand signs, and a skid area. Hipsters will be made to do it riding backwards. (Weather permitting)
  • ARTCRANK Poster Coloring: Kids will be able to color their very own 2011 Artcrank poster.
  • Balloon Animals: What celebration would be complete without balloons?
  • Lemonade Stand: Provided by our own Clockworklings.
  • Cookies & Treats: Provided by Aster Cafe!

Come down and share the fun with us as we celebrate the return of spring and this years’ ARTCRANK opening.

Clockwork is located at 1501 East Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, 55414. Parking is available in The Apiary lot (directly behind our building, to the North). More information about getting here can be found on this page.

If you want, you can RSVP on Facebook, or just show up. Hope to see you there!