If you’ve been itching to learn the basics of designing applications for the iPhone or iPad, then this is the workshop for you.

Targeted specifically at designers, the workshop will begin with an introduction to iOS design, showing off some of Clockwork’s recent iPhone and iPad app projects. With this knowledge, attendees will break out into a working session and actually design a new version of a simple app called Slydology.

Be ready to get your hands dirty creating artwork the old fashioned way: colored pencils and paper. After a break for food (provided by Clockwork), attendees will regroup and learn more about the ins and outs of taking finished designs and integrating them into the app framework.

What to Expect
  • The basics of designing for an iPhone or iPad
  • Hands on drawing to create artwork for a new version of Slydology
  • Food and beverages

Thursday, March 10, 2011: 6-8 PM


About Rett
Rett Martin is the Director of Creative at Clockwork. A self-taught web designer with a degree in Graphic Design, he loves everything from ideation and concepting to the occasional day of cranking out HTML and CSS.
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About Chuck
Chuck is Clockwork’s Chief Experience Officer (CXO). He was a co-founder of Bitstream Underground, one of the region’s first ISP/Web Development companies, and has worked in the field of Design and User Experience for over 15 years.
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About Michael
Michael is the Chief Scientist at Clockwork. He is a tech dork, musician, astrophysicist, and former CFO. He likes data and good ideas. He blogs at lolife.com and podcasts at Slacker Astronomy.
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About Jerry
Jerry is a developer at Clockwork. He has spent ten years coding from low level C to higher level languages, with a particular love for Actionscript 3 and Objective-C development.
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This is the second in a series of educational workshops hosted by Clockwork Active Media Systems. To be notified of future sessions, sign up for our newsletter.