Camping out for Black Friday deals? No, thank you. We’d rather wait for Cyber Monday, fire up our laptops and shop in our pajamas with a cup of coffee (or a cocktail, depending on what time it is).

Recently, talked to our resident Geek Girls to get some suggestions for their 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. That got all of us talking; here are a few other items that have caught our eye. Maybe the geeks in your life will appreciate them, too.

Sharyn Morrow

Gaming systems are evolving. The Playstation Move was just released in the US and Microsoft Kinect for Xbox is controller-less. They’re hoping to steal Nintendo Wii’s thunder and had a big old dance party in Times Square in early November.

Less exciting but sort of handy, Duracell’s myGrid charging stations. I imagine we’ll be seeing more such multi-gadget chargers in the future.

In the past, waterproof cameras have been very expensive. More companies are coming out with “rugged” options (and not just waterproof cases) that are appealing and more affordable. On the other end of the spectrum, Kodak came out with the sexy Slice camera, with a touchscreen and a “share” button that lets the user upload photos and video directly to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc.

For germophobes there’s the Germ Eliminating Smartphone Sanitizer.

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Sharyn Morrow is a Support Specialist with a long history of helping people get the most out of the web, and web tools, with a minimum amount of frustration.
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Kjrsten Holt

I wouldn’t mind if someone gave me a BlackBerry PlayBook or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Unfortunately, the PlayBook won’t be in stores by Christmas and the there’s no pricing or confirmed release date on the Galaxy. But, most sources suggest it will be around Black Friday, or at least before Christmas.

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Kjrsten is a Front End Developer at Clockwork. She likes using Flash, Flex and good old HTML+CSS+JS to produce applications that are pleasing to the user and pleasing to the developer who works on them next.
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Kevin O’Brien

Licensed versions of Adobe Creative Suites are nice for students that want to start doing freelance work or need a student version at home.

For smaller gifts, don’t disregard Netflix subscriptions especially with Watch Instantly available on iPhone and iPad, and a new streaming-only plan for $7.99/month.

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Kevin is a front-end developer and designer that focuses on HTML, CSS, Javscript, Actionscript and design. He started designing and building websites in middle school; the first book Kevin ever read cover-to-cover was a Javascript reference book
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Jenny Holman

Something I bought for myself, and would be a great gift for a camera lover is an Eye-Fi — a card that lets you automatically upload photos from your Eye-Fi SD card to the web using wi-fi.  Relatively cheap (between $50-150) and saves me from digging out cables and SD readers.

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Jenny is the Promotions Director and Project Manager at Clockwork. She loves to focus on the nitty-gritty details and prides herself in translating complicated technology into a language that her grandma can understand.
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Alex Wolhueter

Roku’s little video player boxes are nice. $60-$100 for the latest hardware, then $9/month for unlimited streaming from Netflix.  Also supports Hulu Plus, Amazon VOD, MLB-TV, and so on, all on your HDTV.

Totally mom-friendly, and a more versatile alternative to the Apple TV, if you don’t need content from the iTunes Store.

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Alex is a QA Tester at Clockwork. He began programming in grade school and went pro in 1996, coding for industrial robots and process control. Soon after he moved to the Web, building e-commerce and data-driven applications for small business.
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Hank Kiedrowski

For those who still like computers this is a pretty hot netbook.

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Hank is a Software Developer at Clockwork. When he’s not making the internet a better place, Hank likes to pose as a Google-powered mechanic, electrician, and carpenter. Hank is not his real name.
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Drew Covi

Apple TV for those who prefer convenience (99 cent TV rentals are nice). Boxee Box for the DIYers (throw any media on an HDD and it has WiFi access built in). But with Apple TV + Boxee you might as well just get a PS3 and call it a day. Comes with apps, downloadable classic games, Blu-Ray, browser, and many common video formats through USB.

For the pragmatist, one year on Backblaze is one of the nicer, cheaper solutions ($5/month!) to keep your data totally safe come hell or high-water.

For the nerd/handyman: a USB socket x2 right in your friggin’ wall! Make sure you’ve thrown the breakers though, kids. I don’t want anyone to go dying on me for this little lovely gift. Only 20 bones apiece!

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Drew is an Interactive Developer at Clockwork. He’s crazy about design, but crazier about making things work. From scripting, to layout, and tending every little pixel until it hums, he’ll make you a believer.
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Kurt Koppelman

I bought these fairly recently and am very happy with them.  Cheap, powered computer speakers that have powered a ton of code lately.

I got this portable solar-powered charger as a gift; it can charge phones, cameras, and mp3 players. They have a bunch of different sizes and versions, depending on what you need.

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Kurt is Clockwork’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). To him, there is no greater professional joy than seeing a project through to completion. He seems to get a kick out of making technology work for people, and he really likes hanging out with geeks.
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Luke Vestrum

Items on my Christmas list this year:

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Luke is the Projects Director and Project Manager at Clockwork. He’s a web producer with a penchant for highly technical projects, and has been known to do the splits after happy hour.
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Carie Tuma

I think this Grassy Lawn Charging Station is a cute way to corral all of those miscellaneous gadgets for which I’m always looking for a convenient outlet. (Meghan and Nancy also mentioned this in the gift guide!)

And don’t forget the gift wrap!

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