Recently a few Clockworkers volunteered to attend a career fair at Prior Lake High School, where they talked to students about designing and developing web sites and applications. Asking our co-workers to recap their experience provided a great excuse for us to publish pictures of them from high school.

“Probably the most surprising thing for me was finding out that PLHS offers classes in Graphic Design, so many of the students I talked to are already years ahead of where I was in High School.

In addition to answering questions about a typical day and showing off some of the cool things about the Clockwork space, I really tried to reinforce the idea that ‘if you can design one thing, you can design anything’ (a quote by multi-disciplined designer, Massimo Vignelli). As a web designer I often spend a lot of time talking about the differences between print and web, but for these guys I felt it was more important to say that you don’t have to decide now. Pursing a design degree lets you figure out what you enjoy doing the most, and with a strong design foundation you can go into any number of design disciplines.” – Rett Martin, Creative Director

“It was fun to share information about User Experience Architecture with students and their parents who may not have otherwise known about it as a career option.  Several students I spoke with did not seem immediately interested, but definitely identified with the balance of left and right brain thinking involved. This event was a great format for sharing my knowledge with others, and it was inspiring to see students being encouraged to explore such a wide variety of career options.”  –Ryan Loomis, User Experience Architect

Meghan Wilker, Managing Director, represented the Strategy and Project Management part of the team and was amazed by the number of girls who wanted to be interior designers or fashion designers; not one of them mentioned a technology field and not a single one even stopped at the developer’s table.

“It was great to talk to all the kids, and to see that some of them were really engaged with what we were sharing. But it was disappointing though that none of the girls were even vaguely interested in technology. We, as a culture, really need to find more ways to get girls interested and engaged.”

“It was neat to see the kids’ burning desire to get the hell out of high school. Also, I was excited, and then weirded out, and then excited again, to be surrounded by proto-nerds.” – Lloyd Dalton, Senior Interactive Developer

The final consensus from the group, “Being back in a high school brought all the awkward back.”

For proof of the awkward be sure to check out some photos from the event on our Facebook page.