“Is there any kind of snob you’re not?” was overheard at Clockwork recently. The discussion may have been on hot dogs, or knives, or music, or one of a million other things that we Clockworkers have very strong opinions about. But if there is one thing above all else that our staff have strong opinions about, it’s browsers.

The best browser is up for debate. Is it Firefox with its endless Swiss Army of plugins, or the blazing fast Chrome? I’m sure this debate will continue for months to come. What is not up for debate is the worst browser (according to web snobs the world over): Internet Explorer (IE). It’s awful to work with, destroys elegant design, and — if you’re unlucky enough to be forced to support IE6 — well, it just doesn’t do anything right.

But here’s the funny part. For all the charts and graphs from tech blogs that show Firefox beating IE and Chrome rising like a bullet, here are actual browser statistics for a perfectly normal B-to-B client of mine:

(Just in case you were wondering, the blue is IE.)

So as web professionals we may grumble about it, but it isn’t going anywhere for a while. While we may refuse to use it, we’ll continue to design around its many pitfalls and find solutions to its quirks.