I really like Dell servers.  They’re well-engineered and sold at an unbeatable price point.  Custom-configured servers ship within a week of the order.  I don’t cringe before calling their support line.  And perhaps most important, their hardware is based on industry standards, so if I need a CPU, RAM, or HD in a hurry I can run down the street to General Nanosystems and pick something up.

Until now.

On page 9 of the manual for their new line of RAID controllers, halfway down the “New Features” list is this little gem:

  • Blocking of non Dell certified drives being used with PERC H700 or PERC H800

This means that if you buy a server (with RAID) and attempt to install a new drive purchased from someone else, it won’t work.  They have stopped selling servers that use SATA drives or SAS drives and switched to Dell drives.

Dell’s response to the hew and cry of angry sysadmins:


The thread begins here:


My favorite comment:



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