The Clockwork notebook. It’s a thing of beauty. Such beauty that it has spawned a movement of fans and followers the likes of which we never expected.

Some recent favorites from the Clockwork notebook file:

1. Zara Gonzalez and the crazy awesome amazing monsters she doodled in her notebook at the 2009 MIMA Summit: one, two, three and four. More of her monster doodles can be found at I want her to design the next Clockwork t-shirt: who’s with me?!

2. When the Unsummit organizers asked us to donate notebooks for Unsummit3 on Saturday, October 10, we wanted to. But, those notebooks aren’t cheap! So we had to ask them for payment. Payment in…dance.

Clockwork Dance – UnSummit3 from Mykl Roventine on Vimeo.

We. are. speechless.

Well played, Mykl and Meg. Well played. You exceeded our expectations in every way. Dance on!