The blog, Daily Patricia, had an interesting post today positing that Facebook’s future competitor could be…telecom? Yeah.

“…we’re just getting started on our goal of connecting everyone.” — Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook in a blog post today

Now isn’t that interesting. Most people were focused on Facebook’s milestone of 300 million users and cash flow postive (both very important, big things) from its founder’s blog post today, but neither stopped me in my tracks the way the statement above had. Facebook connects people. Like how a telephone or mobile phone company connects people. This is a utility play. When you think about it, a new utility company that sits on the platform that’ll be the world’s global communications system in the future is a pretty nice spot. Now, throw in 300 million customers. It’s enormous. Here’s why. The internet is a communications and information distribution platform that’s here to replace or modify those that are already in our society. This includes television, print media, but most important in this particular scenario, mobile and PSTN telephone (aka, your landline). It is a when scenario that this will happen because it was meant to happen. That means all companies doing business on the old platforms will have to move shop to the internet platform or they will die, and that when this happens everybody will find themselves bumping up against all kinds of new competition. It’s already happening now.

The rest of the article really just reiterates that concept, but wow. Something to think about.