A couple weeks ago Opera released Opera Mini 4. This was a huge advancement in Mobile Browsers! Now I know the iPhone could already do much of what Mini 4 can do and more but only a small percentage of the population is on the iPhone, the rest of use on mobile phones need a better solution to the internet on our mobile devices. Opera Mini takes much of the same features that Safari on the iPhone does. Opera Mini gives you a full screen view of the page you are looking at and lets you zoom into the specific content you want, compared to Opera Mini 3 this is probably the biggest improvement.

This leads me to a bigger discussion about Opera. They have been making all of the right moves, placing themselves in the three major markets: Desktop Computer, Mobile Devices and Gaming Consoles and all of them built with standards in mind. Opera has positioned themselves very well in the past couple years, I find myself browsing around the web with my Opera browser more and more. Although it is a nice browser it still has it’s short comings but what browser doesn’t? I spend about 1 – 2 hours with Opera Mini 4 a night and I hop on my Wii from time to time and on to the Opera browser.

Now I know what you are thinking “We get it Opera has a lot of browsers who cares? Get on with it!” Opera has in my opinion positioned themselves so well that an entire generation will now be using the Opera Browsers in many different areas in their life. A generation that is now spending more time online than watching TV. Now I am not smoking that much crack, I realize that more is going to have to happen for Opera to take over or even be considered with the big boys (IE and Firefox)

Mozilla has been slowly chipping away at IE for awhile which in a sense can only help Opera. I am by no means saying that Opera is poised to take over the Browser market tomorrow but keep your eye on them, their day will come, they are putting out great stuff on many different platforms.