The rest of the world hasn’t completely realized yet that Apple has become a medium. They have the world’s ears with their iPods, its minds with their OS/applications and now its eyes with their Apple TV. The forever up-and-coming alternative to the Pee Cee is turning into a medium. That is a huge strategical move on Apple’s part, to compete with cable companies, video outlets, music stores and TV networks all at once.

I’m a well-known Apple zealot, but in my experience nothing makes buying music, TV and movies easier than iTunes. Apple figured out how to do it. They’ve even made it fun. They’ve also made it easy. I download a TV show and can watch it on my Mac, on my iPod or my TV without thinking about it.

I am predicting a big deal where someone like Google or Time/Warner buys Apple for billions of dollars. Or maybe Apple buys them. I don’t know. But I’ve been listening to people count Apple out for 20 years and they are still wrong.

Apple, not just a computer anymore.