I’m super excited about our recent launch of the Medtronic TC Kids Marathon web site for a few reasons:

1. Everywhere I turn, there are stories about how unhealthy Americans (and in particular American kids) are. The Medtronic TC Kids Marathon is helping parents and teachers to involve children in more physical activity. Their motto is, “Running a marathon, one mile at a time.” It’s a really cool idea, and I hope it has an effect on getting kids moving!

2. The site gave us @ Clockwork a chance to exercise our “conditional content” components within the Active Media Manager (AMM). Conditional content is the term we use to describe content that is displayed when certain conditions are met. For example, you can set up conditional content that says “Hi, Guest!” if a visitor is not logged in, and “Hi, [first name]!” if they are logged in. Sounds simple — and it is — but in the case of the Medtronic TC Kids Marathon we got to really dig in and use conditional content to power whole pages and sections.

A few examples:
– Once users have created an account, we know if they are a Teacher/School or a Family and can change the content that is displayed on every page within the Kids Training Program section. Families are eligible for one kind of incentives, while schools are eligible for others. Using conditional content, each group sees only the information that applies to them.

– As users give us additional information (like address, whether or not they want to order incentives or attend an event) we can slice and dice information even futher. We can display one kind of order form if you’ve never ordered incentives, and another order form if you need to add extras to your order later.

As we were working on this project with the client, the client struggled with who would get to see what information and how to organize the content. Originally, they were thinking that we would have to have separate sections of the site for Teachers and Families. Argh! Can you imagine having to maintain separate sections, and dealing with the confusion of a Family accidentally getting into the Schools section? No, thanks! It was rewarding to bring them such a simple solution.

Don’t get me wrong, it certainly took a lot of thinking (and debate) internally to figure out how to put users into certain “buckets” and then how to give them information at appropriate times, but it was a fun problem to solve. And in practice, I’m excited at how elegantly it all turned out.

Enough blabbering, you should really go check it out for yourself.

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