It is well known that I am a bit of a Mac zealot. I’m also a Summit Pale Ale zealot and a dark-roasted coffee zealot. I like what I like a lot. But I like them for a reason and I just encountered another reason why I love Macs so much.

1. My trackpad on my Powerbook died. The screen was also a little loose.
2. I transfered my home directory to a Mac Mini.
3. My whole entire life, every preference, every bookmark and every piece of email was right there on the Mini as if it was my Powerbook. I had zero loss of continuity on any of the million things I am working on with my computer.
4. I dropped my Powerbook off at the Apple store and it was shipped back to my office in less than a week with a brand new LCD and a new trackpad for a total cost of $0. (I have AppleCare, the extended warranty.)
5. I rsynced (well, actually psynced) my home directory from the Mini back to my Powerbook and picked up where I left off with a nicely refurbished Powerbook.

This is old hat for Unix people, who can easily move around their home directories. Maybe the same thing can be done with Windows, I don’t know. All I know is that I am getting rather addicted to having all my stuff in the exact way I have it available to me at all times. It’s nice that it works so well.