Sometime in the not too distant past, First Avenue redesigned their website. (They claim it was in March of last year, but I think they’ve been rolling out new features ever since.)

Anyway, I like the new site quite a bit, but there are a couple of nitpicky thing that really bug me about it. The first is that their sub-navigation items (in the form of dropdown menus) don’t appear until you get to an “internal” page. The second is that they have rotating news items on their homepage, but there is no way (that I have yet discovered) to see all the news items at once!

One of said news items was a link to First Avenue’s myspace profile. This got me thinking about myspace in the business sector. If all kinds of bands are creating successful relationships with their customers using myspace, why shouldn’t it work for a music venue? (For that matter, maybe Clockwork should have a myspace account…)