DIY/hardware hacking, as they say, “floats our boats.” If it floats yours too, motor your boat over to this hack to turn a 4GB Nano into an 8GB Nano. Hardware hacks may be nothing new in net-land, but it’s not often they get away with reworking SMDs (Surface Mount Devices) with a bazillion pins, thanks to Chipquick, an easy method for removing SMD components.

iPod board before modding

After adding the extra chip

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Update: The hack-a-day write up and comments are very skeptical of this hack. Unfortunately the comments to this effect represent the internet at its finest. This hack is completely plausible. If I were a designer at Apple, I would build my PCB to automatically detect the configuration of the flash modules. It would be crazy not to, especially with the poplarity of the iPod. As the demand for 2GB and 4GB Nanos and supply of flash modules fluctuate, the only thing that need to be done to adjust your assembly line is the number and kind of flash modules soldered to pads. And what about when Apple chooses to release a 6GB Nano? Well the designer smiles and goes on vacation. Is this hack legit? Maybe we’ll find out.