zegenie studios has created a quiz to determine which Linux distribution suits you best. zegenie is a Norway-based open-source software and support company. The quiz is dead simple, with precise explanations of confusing questions. As a daily Linux user who regularly recompiles kernels, develops, etc. I didn’t feel silly answering the questions.

From a user interface perspective, the wizard is worth going through because it is so darned cute. The icons and questions are quite clean, there is a persistent progress bar at the top of the survey’s window—in short, a well-executed web application.

Take the quiz and see what Linux distribution suits you; the available choices include live CDs, so you can download, burn, and try Linux without changing anything on your computer. I keep a live CD [knoppix] in my car at all times, since I never know when I’ll be called upon to rescue someone’s misbehaving windows PC.

Example question in the distribution survey.

In case you’re wondering, both Ubuntu Linux and Debian are my best distro choices; I currently run Ubuntu on all my machines (after migrating from Debian). The quiz doesn’t lie!

(Via Lifehacker. If you don’t read it, you should.)