According to the blog, Between The Lines, on ZD Net, Sun President, COO and chief blogger Jonathan Schwartz recently gave an interview in which he suggested that blogging was ‘essential for leadership’. The article is a decent read. My favorite aspect of the piece is Schwartz’s assertion that blogs are the cornerstones of ‘reaching out and cultivating community’. In my opinion, that’s the real value overall on the web. Community. Connections. He suggests that blogs must be authentic – no ghost writers allowed. I’d argue that anything that represents a brand or a brand position, that is published in the web space, requires authenticity for success.

Blogging requires a certain amount of courage. Authenticity requires courage. Traditional business culture contrasts the most powerful aspects blogging. In business we learn to ‘position’ brands. Oftentimes we mistake ‘positioning’ with ‘posing’ and in the process we lose our authentic voice. Blogging may be essential to leadership because it is a breeding ground for the truth. You can only pose for so long in the blogosphere. After a while, every story must come to an end. But a really good blog is a reflection of the truth, and that goes on and on.