This morning I’m excited for two reasons: 1) I’ve consumed too much coffee and 2) today the StoryCorps MobileBooth rolls up to Peavey Plaza, on the Nicollet Mall, and will be parked there through July 11th.

StoryCorps is about giving regular people an opportunity and a place to interview each other and share their experience, their stories and their knowledge.

That’s much of what I love about blogging (text, audio, photo and video), and programs like This American Life. The immediacy of connecting with everyday people. People like us (and not). Last year Minnesota Public Radio came up with their own way to tap into this collective stream of consciousness, which they’ve dubbed “Public Insight Journalism” – the centerpiece of which is the Public Insight Network, a group of thousands of Minnesotans who have agreed to help MPR cover the news.

Join up with them here. Or find out how to record a StoryCorps interview here. Or make audio posts from your phone here. Or find out how to start vlogging here. The possibilities are endless…