A blogger’s last entry was used to obtain a murder confession in New York. Simon Ng, the blogger, “wrote that he was wondering why Lin was there and wished he would leave,” said an NYPD spokeswoman according to the New York Daily News. Lin was his sister’s ex-boyfriend, who apparently came calling to score some cash for a ticket back to Hong Kong. The suspect allegedly searched the house and killed Simon after a fruitless search. Some time later, his sister Sharon came home and was also murdered.

Simon’s blog is still online, and the mentioned entry is indeed there. It is quite chilling to read an entry posted a few short hours ago by someone who is now dead. If this alone isn’t sad enough, the comments section of the post contains predictable ‘net insults flung at a defenseless deceased individual. However, the vast majority of the comments thread consists of three simple initials: R.I.P.

In this situation, the blog not only helped to implicate the killer, but has made many people aware of an otherwise ordinary incident. It is sad that major media cares only by virtue of the blog’s involvement in the case. Now Simon’s words are frozen in time, available for all to see. The blog comments board has become a memorial wall of sorts. Ignore the “blog factor” and note that the blog is just another way for us humans to connect and share with one another. Simon has effectively spoken from beyond the grave to implicate his alleged killer.

RIP, Simon and Sharon.