Finally! I feel validated by the results of this research. Too much email is very, very bad.

One of my biggest peeves in life (and in particular with advertising agencies) is the disease I call “Forward-itis.” This is where people just randomly forward stuff and say things like “Read below.”

Now, if I truly need to “read below,” I don’t mind. I like being kept in the loop. But, if there is only ONE nugget of information in a long-ass email, then do me a favor: pull out the nugget and skip the rest.

I feel like the convenience of email has made us lazy. Forward-itis is one example, but there is also this total lack of personal responsibility to take action until we have an email telling us we should. When servers go down (and I’m guilty of this as well), we all pretty much go home. We’ve been trained to think we can’t do our jobs without email, when in reality email should be a tool that supports our jobs — not the engine that drives them.

I’m just sayin’.