Haven’t posted for too long; here’s some linkage for your enjoyment.

Google News, Mapped

My Googlephilia is insatiable, and I just saw a Slashdot article about buzztracker that piqued my interest. Why not map the news? buzztracker.org aims to do exactly that. It’s interesting to move backwards through the archive and examine the geographic “hot spots” with respect to time.

Rube Goldberg

Purdue’s 18th national Rube Goldberg competition has been won by… Purdue (also according to Slashdot). Stories are available here and here.

Beware of Filler Copy!

…lest it become part of the final site. A post on BoingBoing describes that very phenomenon: apparently, a web designer was tired of using the standard lorem ipsum text. His solution? Write paragraphs of the most prolix and overstuffed prose possible, and voilá, the copy was used on the site.

Don’t Believe the Photos

Finally, check out this guy’s digital retouching work. Amazing!