Even without the recent press comparing Yahoo to Google, I would have liked to think I do a fairly good job of keeping abreast of the latest features of both. I am unashamed about my infatuation with google, and Yahoo was my favorite portal way back in the far gone days of Netscape.

Certainly both companies have been the johnny come lately in one web-based service or another, but you’ve got to wonder how long Yahoo Research has been working on their new Yahoo 360, which I hate to point out looks a lot more like friendster or myspace than it does like livejournal or any other blogging service.

In comparison, Google Maps launched a feature recently that allows you to switch from street maps to satellite pictures with a single mouse click. My jaw to dropped at the bar this evening when I heard about it from a friend.

Google Labs finds an equivalent in Yahoo’s recent Yahoo Next, both portal pages linking to various “beta” features and services from their respective corporations.

One site that takes a very simple visual approach to comparing the two search engines is worth linking in particular. (If you follow one link in this article, do this one… it’s particularly fun to egosurf.)