For my birthday, my husband bought me a G5 iMac (that’s geek love, people!). I was raised on Macs, but switched to PCs in the early ’90s because that’s what was used in the offices I worked in. I’ve pretty much been on Windows ever since, and fairly happy. I know how to use it, and overall it has served me well.

But, now that I have the new iMac, I’ll be switching from my Sony Vaio laptop and thought the process might be interesting to document here. I am, as we speak, attempting to transfer all my files from the PC to the Mac.Getting the two hooked up via our home wireless network proved to be impossible (for unknown reasons the PC would not detect the Mac even though I had sharing turned on and was entering the IP address correctly). We resorted to hooking the two machines up with an ethernet cable.

To move from Outlook to Entourage or Address Book/iCal (haven’t decided yet), I downloaded a program for $10 called Outlook2Mac which converts Outlook Contacts, Calendars and Email folders into files that can be imported into a number of Mac programs. My alternative would have been messing with a million different CSV files. Gross.

As far as usability on the new machine goes, change is hard. I’ve already lost half this post once already by using incorrect shortcuts. Retraining my fingers will be a challenge. And there’s no right-clicking on a Mac mouse. So much to learn! iChat is easy, though – and I already tried audio chat with Nancy. Who needs phones?!

I’ll continue to use a PC at work; my next challenge will be keeping myself fully synced between work (Dell PC laptop) and home (iMac) using Bluetooth and my Nokia 3650. Wish me luck. (Bluetooth on the PC has been a bitch for me in the past. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

All in all, I’m looking forward to my new bi-platform lifestyle. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.