OS X Setup Assistant Easy Upgrade

About a year ago I was given the opportunity to trade my almost new G4 Powerbook in for the next generation model. At the time, my workload was heavy and the risk of downtime while transfering data and setting up a new machine was too heavy to bear. I passed on the offer, and since that day have enjoyed uninterrupted great performance from my Powerbook.

I am typing this message on a shiny new 17″ G4 Powerbook. Yesterday I was willing to invest the time necessary to backup the old machine, import to the new computer, and journey through dozens of setup screens to get my new machine up and running. Then I found the new Easy Upgrade feature of the OSX setup assistant. Using this utility I was able to port all of my data, applications and settings to the new machine with 1 click and a fire wire cable. Literally, I connected the two machine’s via Fire Wire, clicked start, and within minutes I was completely up and running on the new machine. The experience was seemless.

diagram_20040617.gifOS X Setup Assistant Easy Upgrade