Sarah Olson presents MNclude's areas of impact.
Sarah Olson presents MNclude’s areas of impact.

As a part of Twin Cities Startup Week, we hosted a launch event for MNclude, a newly-formed group dedicated to bringing together technology diversity and inclusion groups in Minnesota. The purpose of the event was to offer a platform for local diversity initiatives to network, share ideas, and ask for what they need. We’re proud to be able to give space to people and organizations doing the work to make our industry and our community more inclusive.

Even on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, the event was full of energy and resolve. Both MNclude and MN Tech Diversity, our own Minnesota diversity and inclusion effort, aim to harness that energy to create space for coming together to make change. We want to shine an extra spotlight on the groups that participated in the event.


What you can do to help

  • Connect with MNclude by signing their Code of Conduct and joining their Slack workspace for local diversity and inclusion minded folx.
  • Learn more about the following groups and how you can support them:

App Camp for Girls provides summer camps for young girls to inspire them to pursue careers in technology fields.

Blacks in Technology is a global platform aiming to increase the representation of black people in technology.

CodeSavvy is a non-profit that gives kids and young adults opportunities to learn about coding through free classes and competitions.

Genesys Works connects high schoolers in underserved communities with opportunities for skills development and work experience.

Graveti focuses on creating resources and opportunities for Black and Latinx people in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota Women in Tech is an open resource for women in technology to share knowledge and information.

Transcend IT creates a framework of opportunities to help women and people of color transition into careers in technology.

Women Who Code Twin Cities provides a network dedicated to empowering, educating, and supporting women in technology careers.