In two sentences, describe the app.

Clockwork’s Rooms app, is a small web portal that allows Clockworkers the ability to quickly figure out what’s happening in each of our conference rooms. It also includes a Slack integration to make finding an available room quick and easy.

What sparked the idea? What problem did you solve?

Often when you get to a conference room for a meeting, you don’t know what is happening in the room before you so you don’t know if it is appropriate to interrupt if it runs too long. It was time-consuming to find this information on Google Calendar. My initial idea was to develop a web interface that could live on a tablet that would be located outside each conference room that would tell you what’s happening now. But the vision shifted and I realized this could be a web and Slack interface and be just as valuable.

How is it built?

One of the things I’ve been curious about over the last few months has been GraphQL. GraphQL is a different way of exposing APIs that gives the consumer of the API much more control of what data they are receiving. I wrote this using NodeJS, Express, and express-graphql for the server. The web interface is written using VueJS. It’s currently hosted on Heroku which is a platform with a big focus on Node Applications.

Okay, enough chatting, can you show us the app in action?

Fueled by challenge.

Thanks, Conner, for making Clockwork a great place to work!