For the second year in a row, Clockwork awarded our $1500 AIGA Minnesota Portfolio 1-on-1 Interactive Design scholarship to Nick Kluskowski. Mike Arney, this year’s judge, was immediately blown away by Kluskowsi’s strong overall portfolio, but especially the interactive components. Kluskowski’s pieces showed his mastery of the foundations of design, like type, composition, and layout, as well as emerging design and technology skills like animation, prototyping, augmented reality, and coding.
Arney pointed to two projects from his year’s competition that stood out.

Continental Ski

Not only is the final, designed website pleasing to the eye, Kluskowski also included a documented process which demonstrates great thinking, attention to detail, and animated gifs, which in themselves speak to the prevalence of animation in interactive design today.

AR Restaurant Menu

This project was really spectacular. Exploring new technology and solving real-world problems is always a great way to strengthen your portfolio and connect with people. For the AR Restaurant Menu, Kluskowski used augmented reality to solve the problem of not being able to really see what your meal will look until it’s either delivered to your table or you happen to see it at nearby table. With this app, the user can pull up a 3D model of their chosen meal and make a more informed choice after viewing a rendered version of it.
Congratulations, Nick!


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