Lesson: Only fix what you need to.

You don’t always need to start from scratch to improve technology. We take a smart approach to your business problems and solve only what needs solving — leaving the parts that work untouched. Recently, we launched a new website for The Loft Literary Center and we did just that.
Luke Vestrum
VP, Account Director


  • CRM workflows that were inefficient
  • A transaction flow that jumped noticeably between back-end systems
  • Unsupported mobile experience


Updated the site with a responsive redesign, consolidated the user experience to one platform, and enhanced the integrations with their CRM, Salesforce.


  • Improved internal business processes
  • Consistency between browsing and purchasing moments and streamlined customer experience
  • Optimized checkout experience for growing mobile and tablet audience

In addition to helping the Loft improve internal business processes, the responsive redesign and enhanced Salesforce integration benefit their end-users in critical ways. First, it accommodated their ever-growing mobile and tablet-using audience through a responsive design that looks and works great on all platforms. Additionally, it smoothed out a less-than-ideal checkout experience, replacing a Salesforce-hosted checkout that didn’t quite match the rest of loft.org with an AMM-hosted checkout that fit into the rest of the site seamlessly.


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