On February 17th, Meghan Wilker, our COO, won Minneapolis Business magazine’s annual (Real) Power 50 award. Recipients are described as “linchpins in their company. The connectors in their industry. The heart of the operation. The people who make things happen. The remarkable players in the Minnesota business community with a knack for getting things done — and being helpful along the way.” We couldn’t describe Meghan any better.
Meghan impacts nearly every aspect of Clockwork, from how it’s run to client relationships to the energy at the office. Outside of Clockwork she’s just as impactful. A natural leader in social and professional settings, she brings people together and has a way of always getting things done. In a recent Pollen feature article, she talked about what she hopes she’s doing (among other things) with her leadership role:

“I try not to take myself too seriously, but I do take my position seriously. I worked hard to get where I am, but the whole point of getting to a leadership position—in a company, industry, or community—is to pull the next one up.”

We’re proud to work with her every day. Congratulations, Meghan!

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