Do you remember what you did during your summer breaks when you were in high school? Was it organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data to help a local organization thrive? This summer, we were lucky to work with three students doing just that.

Chris, Fernanda, and Sabrina are high school students who interned with The BrandLab InHouse program. The three students, selected through an application process, were tasked with a specific project for a specific client. In this case, the client was The BrandLab itself! Over the years, The BrandLab has collected survey feedback from in-class programs held at high schools across the metro area, but had never been able to effectively analyze or act on that feedback because it had not been consolidated. That’s where Chris, Fernanda, and Sabrina came in — they created a system to enter, report on, and visualize all that survey data. And they blew it out of the water.

Our job was easy by comparison: We provided workspace for the students and their advisor, and helped them feel like part of our team and office culture. 

What They Accomplished

The group went through several phases of work: data analysis, insight documentation, competitive analysis, data visualization (graphs and charts), and delivery/presentation of their learnings. The data set was large: over 25 classes, 16 schools, 542 students and a sample size of 225. But data is not useful without metrics, so they measured success in three categories: transferable skills (e.g. research, being a team player, networking, etc.), college readiness, and fundamental marketing concepts.

With the help of Clockwork and InHouse volunteers, the interns gained Illustrator as well as several essential design skills that allowed their data visualization project to come to life. They also incorporated real quotes paired with strong images of The BrandLab student experience to tell the story.

What they Discovered

Overall, they found that students participating in the in-class programs showed improvements across all three metrics when compared to high school students who had not participated. Improvements included increases of up to 30% in students’ understanding of industry terminology, 81% of students feeling more confident as team players after participating, and 90% of them being college bound. This helps the organization immensely by giving them data to showcase and support their mission.

Sample learnings & graphics shared by the students

Above and beyond their analysis of The BrandLab programs, the InHouse interns also completed a competitive analysis, comparing 6 local programs to BrandLab’s programming and delivering a set of recommendations to BrandLab for the next survey. Like we said, they killed it!

When Jocelyn McQuirter, Instructor and Supervisor at The BrandLab, reflected on the project, she said, “It was a challenging, fast-paced summer for my interns who spent weeks buried in data entry. To see them have that “aha moment” through data analysis and insights made me deeply appreciate The BrandLab’s mission. It was a beautiful thing to advocate and deliver on access, exposure and opportunity into the advertising and marketing world.”

How The Program Changed The Students

Most important — and most awesome — was how they felt about the program and what they learned from analyzing the learnings of so many others. During the Q&A portion of their presentation, a Clockworker asked if participating in this program changed how they’re thinking about their futures and careers. All three said, “Yes.” Fernanda comes from a family of nurses but now is considering a marketing/advertising career because she likes the collaboration and creative thinking. Chris, scheduled to attend MCTC this fall, is more interested in coding than ever before and he was excited because he was able to flex some Photoshop chops for the presentation. And Sabrina would like to pursue an account executive track in a marketing firm because she loved the ability to run with an idea, present it to a client, and listen to questions and concerns.

Welcome to the crazy, amazing, challenging, and inspiring world of advertising, marketing, and technology, Chris, Fernanda, and Sabrina!

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